For everyone's safety it is important to respect the regulation




These regulations have been issued and adopted by the Municipaity of Malcesine. They set forth the rules of conduct for the utilization of the structures operated by the licensee of the landing area reserved for paragliders in the Malcesine area.

These regulations do not cover the activity of flying, since these are disciplined by the norms set forth in Law 106/1985, [Italian] Presidential Decree no.  133/2020, the regulations issued by ENAC and the specific norms such as the “regulations governing flying” and the technical operational training regulations issued by AeCI, together with any subsequent amendments. All persons using the landing area in Malcesine shall be required to comply with the above-mentioned regulations. The licensee for the area and the licensor – the Municipality of Malcesine – which are not aeronautical bodies, accept no liability for the actual flight operations, but in all cases reserve the right to prohibit the use of the licensed area in the event of non-compliance with the above-mentioned norms.


  1. The grassed area licensed to the licensee may be used exclusively for landing paragliders and 24/7 for rescue vehicles. For reasons of safety, all and any other activities are prohibited (sunbathing, picnics, camping, ball games, or any other type of activity or sport other than paragliding, etc.).
  2. Before using the landing area, all pilots must register (Fly Card) at the “Paragliding Bar” located next to the landing field.Before starting the flight activity, the pilot is required to inspect the notice-board and/information tables posted by the licensee of the area. The pilot express their approval of these regulations simply by utilizing the area.
  3. The pilots, as well as complying with the current norms governing pleasure or sports flying (possession of permit, currently-valid physician’s certificate, insurance, safety helmet, emergency parachute etc.), must also wear a life jacket. Those not in possession of a life jacket may request one free of charge at the bar in the landing area. The life-jacket is loaned out and must be returned immediately at the end of the flight.
  4. Private pilots, manufacturers of materials for paragliding (gliders, harnesses etc.), approval institutes (dhv etc.) are considered as guests, and may use the landing area free of charge. Any other private or group initiative, such as training in SIV [simulation of inflight problems], meetings or other are subject to the prior authorization by the licensee responsible for the area.
  5. Overflying of the state road at an altitude of less than 150 metres is strictly prohibited.
  6. Acrobatic manoeuvres, simulation of inflight problems and any other manoeuvres other than those for the correct and prudent operation of the paraglider on its approach to the landing area are strictly prohibited. Each pilot is required to fly in a manner which is safe both for himself and for others; in particular pilots must comply with all the norms concerning right of way and the landing circuits.
  7. After landing, the pilot must move the paraglider to the specific area.
  8. The pilot must avoid any manoeuvre or action such as to present the risk of falling into water unless assistance with a recovery dinghy has been arranged in advance. In any case, the pilot is required to verify that the recovery dinghy is present and ready to recover the paraglider.
  9. For schools or other groups the recovery service using a dinghy made available by Paragliding Club Malcesine (at the cost of € 250,00 per day) or the group’s own vessel (€50,00 per day) must be requested in advance and thus authorized by the licensee of the landing area.
  10. Unless they are members of an organized group such as, by way of example, a training course in SIV [simulation of inflight problems] or an acrobatic group, pilots who land in the water and are recovered by the dinghy shall be required to pay a fee of € 25.00″.
  11. The area may be used by pilots with two-person paragliders for tourism/training purposes or organizers of promotional / sports / commercial activities, though only with the prior agreement with the licensee of the area. Pilots involved in these two-person activities shall be required to pay an annual fee of € 300.00. The operator has the right to prohibit use of the area to anyone who has not paid their share of the contribution
  12. Those using the area shall be required to respect the rules of good conduct, correct demeanour and respect for others, and to behave in a sporting manner.

The structure must be used in a manner which respects the environment and other persons. This means that the use of the areas may be denied and, if appropriate, the authorities may be informed if:

  1. any person’s conduct is such as to compromise the safety of flights;
  2. litter is left outside the designated containers or areas;
  3. persons camp in the area dedicated to flight;
  4. the rules of good conduct are not respected;
  5. other pilots are obstructed;
  6. persons engage in unacceptable activities or in those which are not suitable for and compatible with or necessary for the flying operations.

The licensee of the area reserves the right to prohibit its use not only in the case of failure to comply with the norms and with these regulations, but also in the case of unruly or uncivil behaviour, failure to respect others, racial or any other type of discrimination, as well as any behaviour which is contrary to the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual collaboration, thus encouraging all those engaged in flying operations to make the best possible use of the area.

  1. The licensee may limit the use of the area in case of demonstrations, overcrowding or for other motives.
  2. Failure to comply with these regulations or failure to make the necessary payments shall result in a warning and the licensee’s right to inhibit use of the area.
  3. All incidents must be immediately reported to the licensee of the area.